Jami was absolutely amazing to work with, and transformed our boring living room into a beautiful and comfortable space that my husband and I never want to leave.  She went above and beyond accommodating my busy schedule and added every extra touch we imagined.  She blended comfort and style to create a showcase space reflecting a rustic glam vibe.

Jami is an extremely warm-hearted, kind individual, and she made the process fun and almost easy.  She responded to emails promptly and effectively, and moved through our project with the pace at which we were comfortable.

We would highly recommend Jami to anyone looking to hire an interior designer who really listens to her clients and delivers in every way.  We will definitely be hiring her again!

Vanessa Van Holland, Upland, CA

Jami was great! We are completely inept when it comes to putting together colors and textures. Our idea of design is usually plain and not inspired. I searched for a designer that would want to tackle our Master Bedroom. Most designers want to do the whole house, or have a much larger project. Jami was prepared and had it down to a science. We had collected a hodgepodge of furniture from growing up and had our bed on a frame only. Our sheets and blankets didn’t match and our curtains were sad.

The whole project was about 5 weeks from initial meeting to finishing the room. She meets with you, takes measurements, takes before pictures and heads out to plan the design. Her use of Pinterest made the project run much smoother. We could all collaborate online and like/ comment on items. It made it easy to buy stuff too.

We had all of the furniture in by the final day and she came to accessorize. She spent about 2 hours installing drapes, hanging pictures and making it perfect. My wife and I were locked out until she was done. When we got to see it for the grand reveal it was stunning. She absolutely nailed it. The room is functional, just to our taste, she did a perfect job at capturing exactly what we wanted and not getting to much of her own style in there. Her fee was completely reasonable given all of the work she put into it.

We purchased all of our own items (sans the accessories, she does that on her own) but she can do full service where she does every step including purchasing, building and setting everything up. I loved to be involved and am pretty handy so it worked very well.

She doesn’t know it yet but we plan to have her back in about 6 months for another project in our home! Talk to you soon Jami!!! =)

John Perovich, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

We used Jami to design our living room, entry and upstairs landing and we could not be happier with the outcome.

One of the many things I appreciated about Jami was how organized and professional she is.  She was clear about what her services would cost, what she would do, and what the timeline would be.  She was also flexible – being willing to do some of the procurement and project management or all of it.  She communicated with me every step of the way and was easy to talk to.

When I hired Jami, one of the things I liked was how she sourced items from a wide range of reasonably priced, high quality sources. Mathis Brothers, Pottery Barn, Wayfair and Home Goods were some of the places we obtained items from.  Some interior designers seem focused on using only very, very expensive materials and furniture – which would not have worked for us and the way we live (dog, cats, kids and casual lifestyle).

I also liked how Jami really listened to us; how we wanted to use the room, how much seating we needed, the feeling we were after – updated, and polished with a “wow” factor, without being too formal, and then created a design that met our needs.

It was clear from the first day that we had made the right choice in hiring her:  we had never been able to figure out how to arrange the furniture in our awkwardly shaped living room. In the first hour she was there, using the existing furniture, Jami created a layout that was both balanced and functional, it looked better than it ever had!

Jami’s suggestion to add board and batten paneling to the living room brought together the cool existing features in the room: high ceiling with wood beams, a large picture window and front staircase, and made them work together perfectly.  We love how it added character, as well as a sense of tradition and a newness all at once.

Lastly, Jami was able find a way to incorporate some old personal items: an old bench, an armoire, 2 antique wooden Chinese food carriers, into the design. At our request, she also used some of our existing furniture. Yet when you see the finished result, the look is seamless.  She was able to mix old and new pieces to create a very beautiful and personal space for us.

Our living room is just what we wanted  – polished, comfortable, modern yet traditional. It works for a cozy conversation and can seat up to 10 very comfortably.  We can watch TV and the girls and their friends can use the xBox. My daughters love the landing with the incredible mirror and red chaise; it is a space they will use often.  Jami created spaces that feel like us and work for our family, better than what we could have ever done ourselves.

Kelly Hawkes, Upland, CA

We were struggling with decorating our home after living in it for 6 months. At that point, we turned to Yelp and saw that Jami had many great reviews. After interviewing two other interior designers and their portfolio of work we decided on Jami.

She went to work right away with a positive, enthusiastic attitude. We told her that we liked a rustic vintage look, and she went over and beyond to give us what we wanted. We are very detailed and sometimes changed our minds, and Jami was very patient throughout the entire process. She also responded very quickly whenever we had issues, regardless of the time of day.

At times we were doubtful as individual pieces were arriving at the house but decided not to interfere with Jamie’s vision. We’ve watched enough design shows to know you need to trust the interior designer. We placed our trust in Jami and she exceeded our expectations.

We are very happy with the end result and have been given many compliments by family and friends. Jami finished on time and within budget. We have decided to have her help us with more rooms in the house. We highly recommend her interior design services.

Thank you Jami for making our home such a warm and cozy place! We love it!

Veronica + Phil Lindogan, Claremont, CA

Jami is a wonderful designer.  She provides the balance of listening to what her clients desire and what design elements will work best within the space.  She is organized, responsible, timely and a pleasure to work with.  We love our completed master bathroom and would not hesitate to work with her again!

Christine Hastings, La Verne, CA

We sought Jami’s help in the design of our kitchen, nook area, and family room in a home we had just moved into that was in desperate need of some major changes. She established a concept and color scheme, and selected finishes and furnishings. Now that our project is complete, we have the kitchen and family room of our dreams. The space is beautiful.

I would highly recommend her project management services. There is much more involved in managing the contractors than one would think. It is one of those situations where you don’t know what it is you don’t know, but Jami does and her expertise in working with these people, solving problems, and overall professionalism is unsurpassed.

We love everything about our new kitchen and family room and look forward with complete confidence to working with her again in the design of our dining room and entry area. She is wonderful to work with, she is very talented, she is there when you need her and she goes above and beyond to get the job done. We highly recommend her.

Roxanne + Steve Sullivan, Upland, CA

I called Jami to help me decorate my office.  My office houses four Therapists and none of us could agree on a color scheme and furnishings.  I called Jami and she put together an amazing color combination that all of us love!! She gave me ideas on artwork, furniture and fabric.  She is terrific and a true professional.  I had seen other projects that Jami had done and am so glad I called her.

Sharon Heaston, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

My experience with IMAGINE design and more particularly with Jami was fantastic. Her positive energy, creativity, and patience was priceless! Thank you Jami for your hard work and graceful nature while executing our mission. It was an absolute pleasure!!

Nawal Badran, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I have been dying to decorate my master bedroom. I wasn’t sure what to buy or how to even go about it. I called Jami from Imagine to help me out. I had found art work that I liked and wanted to be the focal point of the room but that’s all I knew. Jami was quick to help and created a gorgeous mood board and pin board with a variety of options and styles. She was there to help me narrow down all my likes into what I loved and created an amazing master bedroom that is cozy and comfortable but also has the design of a luxury hotel suite! I’m very pleased with how professional and hard working Jami is. I will not hesitate to call her again for any future design projects for my house!

Malori Jabbour, San Dimas, CA

I found Jami by searching on the internet. I looked at her past projects and knew that I wanted her to help my decorate my son’s room. I tried looking for items myself to create a golf theme room and I just didn’t see much I liked.
Jami created a room better than I imagined. It’s my favorite room in the house and I want her to help me with all my rooms in the house now! She did such a awesome job finding items and placing it all together. I LOVE everything about the room. She worked very fast and we had the room created in no time. She followed through with everything she said she would and was always on time or early with everything. She has great contractors she works with. The overall experience was great and I would recommend her to anyone.

Christie Solano, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

My husband and I were newlyweds and had just bought a home in La Verne. We spent 6 months looking at different counter tops, colors for cabinets, and different options for back splashes. Nothing went together. All the color samples we brought home didn’t look right. We had talked to contractors and other designers and no one could help us. Something that should have been fun became very stressful, to the point where  we were ready to forget it. What a big waste of our time and gas money.

I didn’t want to forget it so I went on line for help and found Jami. I called and left a message saying “can you please help”. She emailed me right back to set an appointment. She was local (which I liked), always exactly on time (important to me), very confident, and  professional. I knew from the free consultation I had with her that she was the ‘one’. Working with Jami was fun, like shopping with a girlfriend. I always looked forward to our meetings. I don’t know how she does it but we would choose items together, she narrows them down, and I make the decision (which I have never been good at). On our first meeting she helped with the cabinet design, we picked out cabinet colors and counter tops. On our second meeting we picked out the back splash for the kitchen, laundry, and guest bath. On our third meeting we picked out all the paint,  lighting and hardware. It was 1, 2, 3,  we’re done. It was that fast and easy. She did followups and  was right there throughout the entire remodel process whenever I needed her. Our downstairs remodel was done in less than a month. Everything is perfect and exactly what we had in our minds. She always made me feel like I was important and her only client. I can’t say enough about Jami. We love her.

We are taking a break now and enjoying our downstairs remodel. Next year we will be doing the upstairs. I have a couple of thoughts but really no idea what we are going to do and I don’t have to think about it, stress out or worry. I’ll just call Jami.  I am excited and can’t wait to work with her again. I highly recommend Imagine Interior Design.

Gail Stiefel, La Verne, CA

I love Jami! We had just moved into our house last August and desperately needed help in sprucing up the place to make it a home. I have no sense of design and knew that we would need someone with talent and taste. My husband and I seen many “model homes” when we were house hunting and we both knew we wanted our house to look like that. Space planning, colors, decor, coordination, all of that takes time, expertise, and understanding of how these elements work and flow together. Something we just don’t have the knack for.

My first go to is of course yelp and Jami had a link to her website when I clicked on her profile. Once we saw her portfolio we knew she was the one we wanted to work with. I was even more thrilled that she was located locally.  I was initially worried about hiring a designer because it seems like the process would break your bank account. That’s why most people hesitate to use one. But Jami’s pricing is reasonable. In fact we ended up saving A LOT more money by working with her than if I had just gone off and “decorated” ourselves.

I can’t boast enough about Jami and how creative she is with her ideas and sourcing of products and services. She is also quick to respond and mostly I love that she is honest. I would pick something and she will tell me if what I picked is not something that would work for our home. I love that because it kept me from buying stuff I shouldn’t and also she pushed me to buy things I would never think about buying but turned out so beautifully once we put all the pieces together.

I am also not the easiet client to deal with as my brain is sometimes all over the place.  I also tend to contradict my earlier decisions but Jami has been very patient with me. We decorated 3 rooms (Dining Room, Formal Living Room, and Master Bedroom). I need to caveat this to say that I ended up with two dining tables and two wall mirrors. Why? because on those two times that I DIDNT listen to Jami and chose to go with my own idea it didn’t look good! I ended up having to get another dining table and wall mirror that was more with what Jami was telling me to buy in the first place. lol! So if you are like me try not to be and just trust her. She knows what she is doing and you will end up loving your home just like we do.

My house is starting to look model home worthy thanks to Jami. Would highly recommend her!

Christine Fernandez, Chino, CA

I got in contact with Jami, after interviewing some local designers for a “new look” for my home. She was so sweet and open to ideas. She didn’t want to just sell me her “look” or items from “her boutique”. She gave us a fresh look in our entire house. She worked hand in hand with me to source everything from the big sectional to the napkin rings. She was patient and accommodating with the many decisions and the endless emails. She worked within our budget and gave us the look we were hoping for. We are so pleased and would highly recommend her.

Reem Annabi, La Verne, CA

Jami helped me design my office which desperately needed a lot of help.  I work in the field of holistic health helping people not only with their physical health in nutrition but also their emotional health.  So it is important that the place feels inviting.  Before Jami came into my life, my office looked more like a classroom than a place for wellness.

What amazed me most about Jami is that she will make seemingly minor adjustments just by something as simple as rearranging furniture and it will change the whole look of the room.  This is important to me because I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on fancy furniture.  The arrangement and certain ideas with colors, really helps to aliven the room without spending loads of $$$.

Another thing I liked about Jami is that she is very flexible in working with what you want.  It’s not like whatever she says goes, but she will let you know she things something is distasteful.

Just a side note, I think it will help as you meet with Jami, though she is the expert, you want to trust your instincts as well throughout the process.  This way you get to put your minds together to create the look that you will love without breaking your wallet as well!

Michael Hsu, Rowland Heights, CA

Jami is amazing and fun to work with!  I recently bought a new home and was at a loss when trying to choose flooring, paint colors and decor.  Jami pointed me in the right direction for the type of flooring that would not only be stylish and beautiful, but also functional in our home.  She made suggestions for us based on our needs, while taking our budget into consideration.  I enjoy visiting her website & blog often for new design ideas and the latest home trends!

Kia Vichaikul, Las Vegas, NV

Yesterday we had a party for my husband’s 35th birthday. The house was ready for our guests. They totally LOVED the bedroom and downstairs. They thought it was very chic. My cousins were very impressed that we got so many cool things at ROSS. Someone mentioned that they thought you were a good designer because you really were able to work with a “humble” budget. You truly have a great eye and wonderful insight into your client’s needs and wants. I can’t wait to work on the rest!

Damaris Saenz, La Verne, CA

When it came time to decorate our new home I was tired of the browns, blues and greens that had filled our previous house. I was stuck and didn’t want to waste money experimenting with new colors. I knew I needed help and that is when I turned to Imagine for some much needed guidance. I told Jami I wanted to paint our interior gray and from there she took my house to another level. She had a great idea to paint the moldings black. This completely transformed my house, it is very chic. The wallpaper and drapes that Jami chose for my dining room are stunning. One of my favorite parts about working with Imagine was going shopping with Jami for tile and stone. This process would have normally overwhelmed me, but with Jami by my side it made the process fun and easy. I highly recommend Imagine Interior Design!

Tina Rodriguez, Upland, CA

We recently moved into a new house and hired Jami to help with a number of decorating projects we wanted to do. She was instrumental in redesigning our kitchen, including picking new countertops, drapes, furniture and tile. The end result was a wonderfully coordinated kitchen that we love. We especially like that she was able to take the things we already have and incorporate those, instead of just trying to start from scratch like so many other designers do. Overall, we’ve been very happy with her services.

Luba Lieber, Riverside, CA

When I moved to the city for the first time in my life my suburban Tuscan-style furniture did not do my new hip space any justice. I sold just about everything and started over. Jami was amazing at helping evolve my style. She selected furniture and accessories I’d never have myself and I now I love it. My modern seaside high rise is exactly what I wanted at the budget I had to work with thanks to Jami’s magic touch. I’d refer her to anyone looking for a big or small design job. She’s very creative, has a clean, modern sense of style that will make your home feel like home. Don’t miss her Imagine design blog it’s full of inspiration.

Melonie Gallegos, San Diego, CA

I just recently moved from a small office with no windows to a large corner office and was clueless about what to do. At first I thought it would be easy filling a large office with cool, stylish and interesting things. Boy was I wrong.  If I had not connected with IMAGINE I would have had 20 Kobe Bryant posters covering every available inch of wall space with a 50 inch computer monitor. Jami met with me at my convenience for a consultation and was patient enough to get the necessary information from me to create my perfect office. The budget for decorating my office was small and you would never know by the finished project. It’s perfect! I am not going to waste time trying to handle design or decorating ever again. I will just contact Jami with IMAGINE and focus on my profession. I would definitely recommend her for any design or decorating job.

Tim Manfro, Covina, CA

Jami is great! She has helped me decorate two very different spaces. The first was a very large 5000 square foot home. It was a massive job and Jami was awesome at  creating a great design that kept within our relatively small budget. The next space was a much smaller apartment home. Her attention to detail made the small space look large and luxurious. She has an amazing sense of style and is great at blending her design concepts to accommodate her clients own personal tastes. Our next project is decorating my new office. She will be helping me choose accessories and furniture. I can’t wait to see how it turns out! I definitely recommend her for any design project!

Colleen Tytula, La Verne, CA

Jami made this project very easy for me. She listened to what I had to say as far colors and styles that I liked and suggested some of her own and together the finished project was better then I expected it to be. I loved her 3-D design which let me see the project before it was built, which helped so much. Would I hire her again? For sure! My next project will be my kitchen and great room and she will be hired to do the job.

Jo Ann Douglass, Glendora, CA

Thank you Jami, I can’t believe I am living in the same house. You have taken the 1960 color palette and stye and turned it into beautiful and charming. I love your bold sense of color; you are truly fearless! I feel like I have a new house! It has finally come together with Jami’s magic touch.

Cheryl Kennick, Monrovia, CA